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In the distant Sahara Desert, (Morocco), in a small town called Bigga, a child was born who was baptized with the name of Ibrahim, third of the six brothers of a humble family of nomads, who were dedicated to the care of goats and Grow in the oasis to feed your children.

Ibrahim, from his childhood, carried out the duties of a shepherd, looked for fossils in the caves, day after day, when he sat down to rest on top of the mountains, spotted imposing golden dunes, dreamed of being able to show the world that place on the planet where the Berbers live (men free) When he is about 8 years old his family moves to Taouz, (where he still lives), there he ends his studies, but he never stopped dreaming ...

Until one day, Allah put a woman in his way which he called my Fatima Benhirt, and it was this who helped realize his dream. Fatima falls in love with everything that Ibrahim tells her, about her people, her culture, her family and that amazigh dreamer who is known as THE WOLF OF THE DESERT.

Ibrahimguia desierto

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